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Raise oneself, teach according to one’s aptitude.Hello, I’m yao ping.Write an article every day to share my observations and experiences.This is the 73rd original article.
parents‘ collective mantra is often heard: „why are you so disobedient?“At this time I was laughing, in fact, because all the parents are the same, the children hope to save trouble.There is a kind of child in the world that is really easy to take with you.
Yellow character children, the most important thing they lack is their own ideas, once the goal is identified, immediately action.I’m telling you today, kids who are the opposite of the yellow character, they have no idea, they are willing to be obedient and cooperate with others.Once they are familiar with a place, they are willing to stay put.Even if you tempt him, there is poetry, distance, wine ahead.Just listen.
The first characteristic of green character is to be obedient and have no opinions or thoughts.Green children are those who are praised by their elders as „obedient children“.Of the four characters, the most obedient is the green one.If you have red or yellow children in your family, you will envy the green children in the next room.

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One of the younger generation, his grandmother said that when she was a little girl, it was very easy.How much less trouble?In the past, the countryside was full of breast milk. When you fed the baby, the family would not lie there, crying or making noises.people used to do farm work in the countryside and no one took any children.The child, who was not two years old, put some food and water on the bed.people can stay for half a day without running around, crying or making noises.I know what you’re thinking. Is the child stupid or stupid?In fact, children are very normal, people are very quiet and willing to listen to others, to cooperate with others ah.
I also heard a mother say that her child is very obedient, remember once, he went to the neighbor next door, something happened, gave the child a handful of rice, let him feed the chickens in the yard.As a result, my mother took care of maha.Two hours passed, and it occurred to her that the child was still in the yard.

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I did, and the child was still standing where she had left it.The child looked into the clearing in front of him and did not think of going anywhere else.When the mizzah was finished, the chickens ran away.Do you think your child is dementia?It’s not stupid.It’s just that the kid thinks you told me to stay here, but you didn’t say anything new, so I’m waiting for you.
You often see that kind, very quiet to see you will smile, mother asked him to say hello to you, he will smile: „uncle good, aunt good“ child, not much words, very quiet.If you let him stay in the car, you go to the supermarket and get something back.As long as the car is not suffocating, he will always wait for your return with his characteristic quiet.But if you leave a yellow kid in the car for ten minutes, it’s probably less than five.He will honk his horn and keep urging you until you rush back to serve him.

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Keep the kids in the car, of course, and try not to try.It is illegal for a foreign country to leave a child under ten alone in a car.Although there is no such strict rules in China, children are not safe in cars after all.Try to bring your child with you. There is a cart in the supermarket.If you have a child with a green personality, you will feel especially relieved. They are obedient, quiet and don’t cause you any trouble, because green personality doesn’t like trouble itself.
The second characteristic of green character is that there is no goal and no motivation.When your child is very young, you will find that the child is not motivated. It is good to get what you want, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it.If you’re a demanding parent and have a child like this, you must think you’re doing something wrong.You’re all so efficient. Why are children so listless?
You may education kids, stick to your dreams, work hard, and eventually get what you want.But a child with a green personality, who has very few hobbies, contrary to red, may have a lifelong interest. You really need to help him find his own and guide him to stick to his hobbies.

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